Walmart offers card does not have an annual fee 100%

Is Walmart card free?

Walmart offers multiple types of cards, so it depends on the specific card you are referring to. Walmart has a store credit card called the Walmart Credit Card, which is issued by Capital One. This card does not have an annual fee, meaning you don’t have to pay a fee simply to hold the card.

When you purchase a Walmart Gift Card?

I apologize for any confusion. Walmart Gift Cards are not typically available for free. When you purchase a Walmart Gift Card, you are essentially paying for the value that is loaded onto the card. The amount you pay for the gift card is the same as the value it holds. So, a $50 Walmart Gift Card would require a $50 payment.

When purchasing a gift card?

There are occasional promotions or special offers that may provide 100% incentives or bonuses when purchasing a gift card, but in general, you would need to not pay for the value of the gift card itself.

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